Wine with Perfect Pitch

Terrific Tom Seaver won three hundred eleven games, struck out more than two hundred batters over nine consecutive seasons and won three Cy Young Awards. Then in the National Baseball Hall of Fame voting, Tom Seaver received 425 votes out of a possible 430 — the highest percentage ever received by any baseball player.


Today Tom Seaver is pitching another kind of perfect game at Seaver Family Vineyards, Diamond Mountain District, Napa Valley. Few take as much pleasure as Mr. Seaver in the hands-on labor of raising grapes -something that was very familiar to Seaver growing up with his family in the raisin business.

Seaver Family Vineyard's cabernet vines were all planted by 2002. "Nancy's Fancy" and "GTS" has received positive reviews. His goal was to grow the best grapes he could on soil that is just right for Cabernet. Will he out-produce the mega-vintners? Probably not. But, from all accounts his vintages are to be highly noted for achieving excellence in every bottle, that is if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a case, with the vineyard's limited 700 case production. 

With hands on dedication to his vines, Tom Seaver has matched his perfect pitched games on another kind of field. 

BTW - Seaver's #41 was retired by the Mets in '88.