Double Grilled Comfort

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Comfort foods never go out of style. Stuffed baked potatoes are an ideal accompaniment from todays show with meatloaf and pan gravy. Prepared traditionally in an indoor oven or max the flavor on the grill. Either way is a comfort winner.


George’s Grilled-N-Stuffed Potatoes

Makes Four Servings | George Hirsch Lifestyle

6 large Idaho potatoes, scrubbed

¼ cup virgin olive oil

sea salt

½ cup chicken broth

8 cloves caramelized garlic

2 egg yolks

2 cups sharp cheddar cheese, shredded

2 Tablespoons chives

1 teaspoon hot sauce

Freshly ground black pepper

Pre heat grill or oven to high or 400 degrees F.

Pierce potatoes with a fork, rub outside of potatoes with oil, sprinkle with salt and place on a hot grill. Bake for 45-minutes to one hour, turning every ten minutes. Remove potatoes from grill when they are fully cooked. With a small paring knife, test by piercing through skin, when knife slips out easily they are done. Cool potatoes slightly.

Hollow out potatoes by cutting around the top edge on an angle lengthwise, using caution not to cut through the bottom skin of potato. With a large spoon hollow out the inside of the potato, saving pulp in a separate bowl.

Mash potato pulp with a fork and add caramelized garlic, broth, egg yolks, 1 ¾ cup cheese, chives, hot sauce, and back pepper. Blend all ingredients well and stuff back into four of the hollowed out potato skins, slightly mounding filling over the top. Top potato with remaining cheese and drizzle with a little olive oil. 

Place potatoes back on a hot grill on the top rack and heat until potatoes are hot. 

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