Cinco de Mayo

As one of the most popular herbs today because of its big, bold flavor - cilantro makes a statement with its leaves for Mexican cuisine, and coriander seeds in Middle Eastern cooking. Cilantro’s appearance may sometimes be mistaken for Italian Flat Parsley, but one whiff of its fragrance, will set you straight. 


Cilantro or Coriandrum sativum (for you Latin lovers) has medicinal properties that rivals its role as a spice. Cilantro has been used since before BC. as a digestive aid to relief indigestion, and recent studies show that cilantro also has anti-inflammatory properties as well. I hope by now you are understanding the connection between how good fresh herbs are for you - even beyond the kitchen. But you wouldn’t know that by seeing all those TV commercials pushing OTC meds.

This week Cinco de Mayo will be celebrated worldwide honoring Mexican heritage; marking the defeat of the French Army after invading the Americas. But believe it or not, this commemorative holiday is celebrated by more people in California than Mexico. And, many festive ways are used to mark the occasion beyond cervesa and tequila. Dances and music mark the occasion to preserve & educate the public of its historical significance and culture.

© Floortje | istock

But as with any celebration, food does take center stage. So with honor to the Mexican people - May 5th, I give a nod to the big bold flavor of the cilantro leaf, also known as Chinese parsley.

If you are looking for dishes with bold flavor; I created this for my visit on Live with Regis & Kelly. You will certainly want to try my Mexican Calzones. Yes, they are as good as it sounds! Enjoy the calzone with my 60 second guacamole, salsa and tomatillo dipping sauce