Know Your Wings

So why does a classically trained chef appreciate chicken wings so much? Frankly sometimes the simplest prepared foods can be the most delicious, and even the most popular. Today it's serious business; books, TV shows and restaurant chains exist with wings at the center of the plate. BTW, my favorite spots for wings are at Rowdy Hall in East Hampton, N.Y. and Southampton Publick House in Southampton, N.Y.

So what makes a great wing? First, start with fresh chicken. Once frozen, it toughens the meat. But honestly it’s all in the finish- the magic is in the sauce. Don’t think you’ll pass along that bad hot sauce in a bottle and tell me you have good wings! It's a combination of a few flavors; a little heat, tomato, garlic, a bit sweet, but have the bite of vinegar and a touch of fruit. Wings don’t have to be fried. Lesson the fats by oven roasting or better yet fire up the grill. Oh, and adding a pint of IPA doesn’t hurt! Southampton Publick House's IPA is my personal favorite. So what about you- how do you enjoy your wings?