Vanishing Roadside Icon

"M-m-m-m 28 flavors of ice cream" - was the HoJo 1950's Life Magazine advert. which presented the fun, popular destination for families while traveling on vacation. It was easy to recognize those bright orange roofs from most highways, and stood for a comforting venue to stop and take a wholesome bite for the entire family.

in 1925, with an ice cream crank, Howard Johnson of Wollaston, Mass. built a billion dollar empire from ice cream cones to over 230 roadside restaurants. With such signature menu items as fried chicken, sea scallops and the ever popular "Tendersweet" clam strips, a person could enjoy a dinner for about a dollar + a slice of pie that would cost a mere 20 cents. "Do you want a cup of coffee with that pie, that'll be 10 cents please."

Where have all the orange roofs gone? Road trips will never be the same. 

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