What's all the spit'n about?

"It’s the bottom of the ninth at Yankee Stadium... the Yankees are ahead by one run with bases loaded - no outs - they bring in relief pitcher, Mariano Rivera to get them out of the jam. The Yankees are on edge, and seem to be spitting-out all there nervous energy." They are spitting out the official sunflower seeds of Major League Baseball, Spitz Sunflower Seeds. The name Spitz - go figure? Would you like a sunflower seed? You know you can't just have one!

Think beyond baseball. Sunflower seeds are commonly eaten as a healthy snack. The seeds can also be used as a garnish or an ingredient in healthy recipes; sunflower seeds are an excellent source of dietary fiber! Seeds are available seeds-in-shell, good especially if you play ball, or de-hulled; perfect as a salad topping, sans the spitting.

TIPS: Try adding sunflower seeds to cereals or breakfast granola. For entrees, simply add finely ground sunflower seeds to breadcrumbs or panko breading mixtures.