Ye Olde English Toffee

This weekend's holiday is giving chocolate lovers reason to indulge. If you are looking for a traditional alternative confection to the box of chocolates, I've found it.

Harrogate Toffee is a rich, brittle, buttery toffee with a hint of lemon oil. Farrah's Toffee from Harrogate in Yorkshire is made the same way since its beginnings in 1840 and has been a favorite with candy lovers from all over the world for generations keeping the company in business for over 160 years. It is even reputed to be the current Queen's favorite toffee!

The toffee is still made in copper pans, in Harrogate, north Yorkshire packaged in their signature embossed tin boxes. Farrah's is also known for their other confections, preserves, chutneys and shortbreads.

Relatively new to the line are the red packaged "Olde English Toffee," an individually wrapped softer and more chewy version, and available in the US at specialty shops and markets.

Pennine Range Mills,
Camwal Road,
North Yorkshire,
t: 01423883000