Yellow Food

I am continuing with this week's theme of color and food. Today's color is yellow, which brings a few of my favorite ingredients to mind. And what better way to prepare your yellow dish than with a pot that is versatile from stovetop-to-oven and even to-the-grill - like this cast iron yellow pot from Le Creuset

Yellow is the color of sunshine and symbolizes energy. It is as inviting as a warm, sunny day. Yellow can also be perceived as cheerful, mellow, and soft to the touch. It is the color of ideas and dreams and stimulates creativity and confidence. It is an attention getter and the most visible color of all the colors. Use it in small amount. Yellow is like sunlight: you want it to be there to feel good, but you don’t want it to be “in your eye”. Le Creuset on Dijon.

For today's yellow food recipe.