Authentic Sacher Torte

Exclusively available at the Hotel Sacher Wien, the Hotel Sacher Salzburg, the Café Sacher Innsbruck, the Café Sacher Graz and at the Sacher Shop in Bolzano. Just like 175 years ago, the cakes are covered with apricot jam, iced with chocolate and packed in wooden boxes by hand. 
This Hotel Sacher specialty is a purely natural product, made without chemical preservatives. The "Original Sacher-Torte" is traditionally served with unsweetened whipped cream and a cup of "Original Sacher Café". More than 300,000 cakes are produced at the Hotel Sacher per year, more than half of them are sent to destinations all over the world. 

If you missed your flight to Vienna this weekend, order takeout: Order by December 8th to receive prior to Christmas: Original Sacher-Torte 19.50-39.50 EUR plus 26 EUR for 14 day air mail delivery (aprox $59-$85U.S.).