Much like the Dutch Kerststol or the more familiar Italian Panettone during the holiday season, the German Stollen is a loaf-shaped dense sweet dough or bread-like cake containing dried fruit, covered with cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar or fondant icing. 

The German people take their stollen seriously. So much so, they have an official association of Stollen Bakers. So when you are shopping for your loaf of stollen, be sure it dons the golden “Seal of Quality" on the package. Only products labeled with that seal are genuine Dresden Christmas Stollen. The Stollenschutzverband (Trade Protection Society Dresden Stollen) awards this quality seal as an authenticity certificate and thereby guarantees that the respective Stollen has been made by hand in Greater Dresden and meets the high quality demands of the Stollenschutzverband; like from Bäckerei & Konditorei Gnauck Bakery. I wouldn't want you eating an unofficial Stollen!

25th Stollen Festival takes place December 8th, 2018 in Dresden Germany.

Traditionally, Dresden’s bakers and pastry-chefs celebrate the so-called Stollen Festival on every Saturday prior to the 2nd Advent. Thus, this year’s Stollen Festival takes place on December 8, 2014 from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


If you dare try, here's an authentic recipe, translated. Note measurements in grams.

Dresden Stollen -recipe with one "Metze" (4 kg) flour for 6 four-pound-stollen

4000 gram wheaten flour

1600 gram butter

  500 gram butter lard

  600 gram preserving sugar

  750 gram sweet almonds, pulverized

  250 gram bitter almonds, pulverized

  600 gram candid lemon peel

3000 gram seedless raisins

1000 gram milk

  250 gram yeast

    50 gram salt

  100 gram lemon peel

    10 gram Macis

  300 gram rum

      1 gram vanilla pod

Dresden Christmas Stollen (translated from native tongue, German)

The Dresden woman Lenelies Pause delivered in her monography about the "royal Children" a stollen recipe in his high developed form. It demonstrated the high school of the art to bake Dresden stollen: 

"There are a lof of tales. The history tells, they don't used milk, they better took the rich cream, 2 cans, full, directly from a farmer. It is the speech of a "Metze" (4 kilogram) dusty wheaten flour. This "Metze" devours desirous 2 kilogram of the best butter, snatch 3 kilogram seedless raisins with themselves, satisfied themselves with 1 kilogram almonds. It desires an hand full with bitter glassy candied lemon peel, planed orange peel, takes also a breath mace - rubbed soft over a peace of sugar with powerless hand -, demands a charge of the good old  Arrak and takes the sugar not in the modern crystallized form, but after the good old tradition as an hat which is packed in blue paper, and then also only martared, sifted and on the lemon rubbed off. The Stollen is an unready children only mixed, formed and baked. With 1000 gram melted hot butter the stollen will be slowly and softly touched und steeped, sugar, smells like vanila, sinks up like a snow clouds, till it finally carried home, with a sweet aroma, which march through the whole city in the days before Christmas and all bakeries, whichs breathes out of all corridors."

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