Cleveland's Famous

This is great story, and timely with the beginning of baseball season. We have all had a frank, pretzel and Cracker Jack. But add baseball at your home stadium and you have a memory for a lifetime. So what is it that makes that unforgettable experience? I have great memories of my Dad and I at Yankee Stadium. That is reason enough. But yes, that frank tasted great, a flavor you can't quite replicate at home. I am not sure that Bertman Ball Park Mustard graced the top of my frank, but for all the lucky kids in Cleveland, Ohio there is great history and heart behind the golden condiment pumped on their ball park frank. 

Three generations of Bertmans have been making their secret recipe Ball Park Mustard for Cleveland's ball park. Their grandfather developed this great product in his garage the 1920s and the rest is history. So if you attend a game at Progressive Field, the home of the Indians, get a frank or pretzel and top it with Original Bertman Mustard. And - don't forget Dad.