Man's Best Friend Snack

Beatrice, guest blogger

With Father's Day near, my best friend George asked me to guest post for him today with a special timely message important to all my doggy friends. As you know, George is a big advocate of nutrition and well being among people, but I find it important to point out some good work being done for my doggie friends and we all need your support today. 

I'm asking you to please take one second and vote; (it's only one click) with your support our friends at dogOdog can receive a grant to further their Organic products for pets. And, please pass along the link to all your dog loving friends. Please be a part of a doggie's dream for good treats by going to and cast your vote for dogOdog Organics in East Hampton, New York

THANKS A MILLION! - Woof. Beatrice

More About dogOdog: Dog Healthy and Earth Friendly US Certified 100% Organic Products for your dogOdog. FEEL GOOD ABOUT THE WELL-BEING OF YOUR DOG AND PLANET. Made by hand in the USA. and made to order Organic dog treats and toys.  

Treat Well™ with all natural, wholesome and delicious human-grade 100% Organic Biscuits for snacking. 100% US Certified Organic Ingredients Organic: Rolled Oats, Brown Rice Flour, Oat Bran, Golden Flaxseed Meal, Pumpkin, Apple Juice and Honey.

"Play Safe with 100% Organic Cotton Play-Tug-Chew-Toy great for teething puppies and playful dogs. Treat Well with all natural, wholesome and delicious human-grade 100% Organic Biscuits for snacking.All packaging reflects dogOdogOrganics eco-friendly dogma using USA recycled, compostable materials and soy-based inks." 

Eco-Conscious and GREEN in every way from start to finish. All materials and ingredients used in our products are sourced from USDA Organic suppliers in the USA.  

DogOdog’s packaging materials are also sourced and manufactured in the USA: We use kraft paperboard boxes for the biscuits that are reusable and recyclable, as are our gift boxes that are made from recycled paper.  The stay-fresh cello bags in the biscuit boxes are made from sustainable wood-cellulose bio-film bags that are home-compostable. 

Treat Well and Have Fun! - DogOdog Organics