Full Moon

What happens when you harvest olives is Spain during October's full moon? (Well, besides creating a brilliant marketing hook?) Spain's Pago Baldios San Carlos will say "absolutely the best olive oil pressed from Spain's arbequina and cornicabra olives." The Pago Baldios San Carlos Family has been in the agricultural biz since the 17th century, so they might have the hang of the pressing thing by now. Their view of their products continues to come from a more holistic or living well driven lifestyle + necessity, rather than desire for a luxury product to market. They have many years of evidence that their pressed oil is good for you too. Focus is on quality yielded and not quantity; acknowledging olive oil is only 3% of the world's vegetable oil consumption. A calming reality, I guess.

This award winning oil is also making it's way to the finest Michelin Chef kitchens around world. ImPRESSive. Pun intended.