Time for Tzatziki

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What to do with all those garden cukes? Now is the time to Tzatziki. A creamy appetizer that can be used as a dip, spread or condiment. Serve with warm pita, bread or vegetables. Or, use as a topping on Gyros and grilled: fish --- meats --- and shellfish.

Tzatziki Sauce Recipe by Chef George Hirsch

Tzatziki Sauce

Makes about 3 1/2 cups

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3 cups thick Greek yogurt; or regular plain yogurt- strained very well 

juice of one lemon 

3-6 cloves garlic, chopped

2 medium cucumbers; peeled seeded and sliced

1 Tablespoon kosher salt for salting cucumbers

1 Tablespoon fresh dill, finely chopped 

1/2 teaspoon hot sauce

fresh ground black pepper to taste

1 Tablespoon Olive oil

Put sliced cukes in a colander, sprinkle on salt, and let stand for 30 minutes to draw out water. Drain well and wipe dry.

In a food processor add cucumbers, garlic, lemon juice, dill, and hot sauce. Mix until well blended, remove and add to yogurt. Add fresh ground black pepper to taste. 

Place in refrigerator for at least two hours before serving. 

Serve in small dishes; make a well and drizzle a small amount of olive oil in center.

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