Lyons vs. Barry's

This is one topic in Ireland that is as serious as rugby or politics. I asked just about every person I met in Ireland which brand they preferred better, Lyons or Barry's. Barry's seemed to hold the lead during our filming there. But then upon departure at Irish Customs I was told I was bringing home the wrong brand. They preferred Lyons. I can't be swayed, Barry's fan here.

Barry’s Tea has a long established reputation and heritage as Ireland’s leading tea blenders. Barry's teas are selected from the best tea estates in the world, ensuring that you enjoy the perfect cup every time. The teas are sourced from the Assam Valley of India, Kenya and Rwanda, guaranteeing the distinctive Barry’s taste that the Irish have grown to know and love.

One of Ireland's biggest brands, Lyon's Tea is a completely natural product with no additives. These teas are bagged in pyramid style bags, giving the tea leaves more room to infuse, and delivering you a better cup. An ethically sound brand, Lyon's Tea contains a minimum of 50% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ tea - by 2010, the tea in the Original blend will be fully certified, and by 2012, all Lyon's Teas will be.