The Baconian Method

Great Scott! It's a combination that only Sir Francis himself could have concocted—bacon (yes, bacon), peanuts, butter and sugar—making a memorable, distinct, decadent confectionary sensation—called Sir Francis Peanut Brittle. It's a whole different kind of Georgian peanut brittle and a must try. The peanuts are of the Spanish variety, which has a tinge of sweetness, an ideal quality for sweets. The Bacon comes from the lgendary Benton's smokeshouse. No expanation needed there. Just the best Tennessee smoker. 

Why called Sir Francis Bacon? It only makes sense. He's the only scientific pioneer whose dedication to scientific methods and undying dedication to his work ended by him experimenting with the preservation of meats. Could he actually have invented bacon?

Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle

The Apiarist's Cake

As summer begins to fade and we settle into the back-to-school rhythm of things, the phrase busy as bees takes on a whole new meaning; closing pools, fall clean-ups and many outdoors chores. 

Eating locally made honey helps build your immune system. A bee keeper, aka an apiarist may manage a colony of bees that can have upwards of 50,000 members. But, the art of the apiarist is not only about making honey, it's more about the preservation business these days. 

I talked bees with J. Smith, who takes his bees very seriously. He is based in County Kerry, Ireland where he has devoted his life to preserving the species and is constantly spreading the word of the critical condition the bee population is in globally. The one thing he said that really stuck with me was his explanation of how the bee colonies "live together with a collective consciousness - something humanity should adopt." His honey is available for local merchants and markets; sustainability is paramount.

The perfect combination of locally made honey and citrus is what inspired today's post, as seen on an episode of GH Living it UP! Enjoy a slice of my Orange Honey Cake with a hot cup of Barry's Tea, a Good Stuff pick. BTW - this recipe is a really easy one to whip up for a impromptu gathering since you can make, bake and eat this cake, all in under one hour! Enjoy!

For My Orange Honey Cake Recipe

All Natural Shave

Shaving ice traces back to Japan ~circa 900. Shave ice, not shaved, is one refreshing treat that is sipped and chewed in just every warm weather culture around the globe. Even Mr. President enjoys a joyful moment of Hawaiian shave ice when on vacation with his family in Hawaii.

Shave ice or Hawaiian shave ice is an ice-based dessert made by shaving a block of ice. Not to be confused with a snow cone which is made with crushed, rather than shaved ice. Shaving produces a very fine ice, resulting in a fine texture that is ideal for syrups added to it to be absorbed by the ice rather than sinking to the bottom of the cup. 

Shave ice is often flavored with tropical flavors such as - passion fruit, mango, and guava. Hawaiian shave ice is traditionally served with three "rainbow" flavors with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or Azuki beans (sweet red beans) on the bottom. This style of shave ice is the signature dessert on the north side of Oahu.

Carve out your own signature good-for-you 'all natural shave' with Rangpur Lime, Blood Orange, or Meyer Lemon from Kensington Marmalade Mixers - made from whole-fruit + my Good Stuff Pick!

image gsz

Make & Bake Pizza

Everyone likes the thought of tossing pizza dough high up in the air. You must try it at least once. Today I have an easier method and you can still be creative while having fun tossing on your own toppings like grilled veggies, seafood, meats and nuts. The choices are endless, I encourage you to make your own designer pizza pie. 

Solution: When you just don't have the time for making a dough, Fabulous Flats makes an excellent substitution. Their Tandoori Naan and Stone-Baked Pizza Crusts are authentic and truly fabulous. The flatbreads are preservative-free and contain no hydrogenated oils and no trans fats. I really like making it with their whole wheat variety which has a made-from-scratch taste because of the hearth baked nutty flavor. I’ve mentioned before, I admit I'm a pizza snob who will travel 50 miles for a great pie, so I won't steer you wrong!

When the Gorgonzola melts, it becomes creamy and gives the pizza a nutty flavor. Top with pecans for additional nuttiness that is ideal with the creamy cheese. Ideal for luncheon entrée or dinner appetizer served a tossed green salad.

Grilled Three-Cheese Naan Pizza

(Adapted from Grilling with Chef George Hirsch with Marie Bianco)

Makes four appetizer servings

1 pre-baked Naan Bread Crust
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella
1/2 cup crumbled Gorgonzola
1/2 cup goat cheese or feta
6 fresh basil leaves, lightly torn
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon olive oil
Fresh ground black pepper, to taste

Pre heat grill to medium or an oven to 400 degrees F.

Brush Naan on both sides with olive oil. Top Naan on one side with cheeses leaving a half-inch border around crust. Place Naan on grill top shelf or bake on a pizza pan for about five minutes until crust is crisp and cheese is melted. Remove top with fresh basil and pepper, serve immediately.

image, © Kristen Johansen | istock


Ye Olde English Toffee

This weekend's holiday is giving chocolate lovers reason to indulge. If you are looking for a traditional alternative confection to the box of chocolates, I've found it.

Harrogate Toffee is a rich, brittle, buttery toffee with a hint of lemon oil. Farrah's Toffee from Harrogate in Yorkshire is made the same way since its beginnings in 1840 and has been a favorite with candy lovers from all over the world for generations keeping the company in business for over 160 years. It is even reputed to be the current Queen's favorite toffee!

The toffee is still made in copper pans, in Harrogate, north Yorkshire packaged in their signature embossed tin boxes. Farrah's is also known for their other confections, preserves, chutneys and shortbreads.

Relatively new to the line are the red packaged "Olde English Toffee," an individually wrapped softer and more chewy version, and available in the US at specialty shops and markets.

Pennine Range Mills,
Camwal Road,
North Yorkshire,
t: 01423883000