Sweet Peach Chutney

It was the love for making good chutney that paved the way for the husband and wife team who founded the Virginia Chutney Co., which is now a family affair. Virginia Chutney is located in the heart of Ameria's chutney eating country, where peaches are a-plenty and the chutney tradition has been a staple in every cupboard since English settlement. The tradition has expanded in popularity beyond the south over the past few years with the resurgence of culinary cottage industries popping up and spreading the good word about the pleasureable benefits of good condiments like homemade jams, pickles and chutneys. 

Sweet Peach Chutney: The perfect blend of sweet and savory. This incredibly versatile blend of peaches, apples, and raisins with brown sugar, ginger and apple cider vinegar from the Virginia Chutney Company is delicious and refreshing, and a great addition to curries, ham, chicken and cheeses.