George’s Homemade kitchen Christmas Pick 5

inspirations are opportunities to try something new...

Taste-fully giving gifts and warming recipes for entertaining this holiday!

Enjoy my Bologna Inspired  Tortellini Basil Soup with warm Biscuits and a crisp Fennel & Green Bean Salad.

Vintage Kitch

This week in May is Brimfield Mass. Week. Brimfield is considered the largest outdoor antique show in the country.  There are approximately 5000 dealers in 21 different show venues (often referred to as fields).  The show geographically covers one mile on each side of Route 20.  The show runs 3 times a year in May, July, and September. Bring a wagon!

Antique fairs and auctions can be fun for the whole family who enjoy tinkering and collecting vintage stuff. I was recently told that people who collect something, are said to be generally happier people. 

I especially appreciate collecting old mixing bowls and old hand tools. I have a few of my mom's vintage bowls and pitchers from the 50s; together, they are a mix of bright colors that bring me joy to my cupboards. I continue to add to my tool box whenever I come across a handmade tool, like my grandpa used to make. He was a mechanic and if he didn't have the right tool, he just made it!

With Mother's Day coming up; spending the day with Mom hunting for her favorite collectables, might be the right idea. Check out local flea markets, auctions and antique fairs in your neck of the woods. Collector's Show Guide

Join Me; I visited Bill Eckleberry's Auction House in New England Massachusetts and learned a thing or two about "the sport". Some people take it very seriously, I just had a good time. There was everything from antique cars, baseball cards, tin toys to kitch-collector finds, fine china and antique furnishings.

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No, this is not a party noisemaker. It's a molinillo; the original ancient Mexican chocolate beverage frothing whisk tool. It's a great gift for the chocolate lover in your life. It also made my Good Stuff picks.

Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate | Makes one serving

1 Tablespoon good Dutch cocoa powder
1 1/2 Tablespoons sugar
7 ounces milk

Mix the cocoa and sugar in a cup. Add a small amount of the milk and mix until smooth. Pour the rest of the milk into a saucepan and heat over a low fire until it starts to boil. Whip with molinillo or an egg whisk until foamy. Add the boiled milk to the cocoa mixture in the cup and stir well. Serve immediately.

Tip: top with marshmallow or fresh whipped cream.

Pan of the Hour

I always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and prefer not to rush through it and compromise the quality of this meal to save a few minutes by eating a breakfast snack. I think of breakfast as the jumping point for my day, and look forward to making it count by allotting enough time for it everyday. My routine breakfast starts with a good juice, banana or fresh fruit, yogurt and cereal with a cup of coffee.  To keep breakfast from being too routine I include eggs + toast every couple of days, which really only takes a few minutes to prepare. Your body will thank you for it mid-morning, when you have all the brain power to think clearly until lunch time. 

Here's the pan that assists me. Yes it's nonstick, which permits me to use less fat when scrambling eggs or making an omelette. Always use a nonstick spatula.

Tip: There's a good rule to follow; the egg pan is only used for eggs. 

Nonstick d5 Pan by AllClad.